The Lyddington Manor History Society was formed early in 2010. The Society was called Lyddington Manor History Society, so that it was clear that it was not just for the village of Lyddington but included all the villages in the manor, namely Caldecott, Stoke Dry, Thorpe by Water and the disappeared village of Snelston.

The aim of the Society is to educate in all aspects of the history of the ancient manor of Lyddington, Rutland, which includes Caldecott, the disappeared village of Snelston, Stoke Dry, Thorpe by Water, and the immediate surrounding area.

Linked to this aim the Society has decided to:

  • encourage the conservation and preservation of local buildings, records, antiquities and objects of historical interest
  • encourage research on the history of Lyddington Manor
  • ensure that the results of any such historical research and other relevant information are accessible to the public
  • encourage the local availability of historical resources
  • arrange and promote public lectures, meetings, workshops and other events in order to inform and stimulate interest and participation
  • advise and assist the appropriate authorities and to co-operate with other bodies having similar interests.